The Heart of Every Great Machine

Unimex has been active within the power generation sector since 2000. We became the appointed Perkins distributor in 2005 and successfully merged our experience and capabilities with Perkins qualified products and support to form a solid cooperation which has resulted in attracting various OEMs to Perkins engines as well as creating OEMs in various authorized territories. We help Perkins customers to choose the best possible engines for their applications, and always stand beside them to supply all needed Perkins genuine parts and support them within warranty period and beyond.

Perkins Genuine Parts and Service Kits

Why Genuine Parts?

A Perkins engine is a collection of high quality, precision engineered components all working together to produce a smooth running, powerful, and low emission unit. Engines are put under a huge extremes of pressure and temperature. Customers carefully choose their machine and engine because of this. This same careful thought and trust should go into parts and service, or the engine may not continue to operate as expected. Only Perkins produces parts which are designed and tested specifically for use in Perkins engines.

Fitting non genuine components can result in the engine not running as required, which ultimately could lead to application down time, and expensive repairs. The consequential impact of failure of relatively small and low cost parts can be high. Perkins manufactures first class engines, with an excellent design team. Perkins puts the same importance in its parts and service. Distributors are trained by Perkins so they are experts on Perkins engines. Perkins ensures that its parts are designed to the same high standards as the original engine. With Perkins parts and service by approved network, you will keep your engine in its original condition for many years.

Perkins Diesel Engine Oil (DEO)

Case for action

  • Increasing stress on lubricants due to higher output, lower oil consumption and exhaust emissions control
  • Active engine quality management from design to service
  • Ensure globally consistent quality level for servicing
  • Ensure engine efficiency and reliability

Proven performance for increased engine life

  • Meets API CI-4 requirements for Stage III / Tier 3 and below
  • API CK-4 approved formulation for Stage V / Tier 5 available in NA
  • Available through the distributor network, EAME, ASPAC, LA and NA
  • 20L Containers and 208L Drums
  • Exceeds API standards