Perkins Robust Engines

We have great references for tailor-making engines for our OEM customers.


Since 1932, Perkins has had a great and positive affect on the design, manufacturing and development of the world’s terrestrial, marine diesel and gas engines. Perkins engines are the heart of many machines and equipment on more than 5,000 different applications.

Quality and performance of Perkins engines have always been praised by customers. This strength was empowered when Perkins acquired Rolls Royce in 1984 and Dorman in 1994. This became one of the major Perkins differences when joining the Caterpillar group in 1998.

Industrial (IND ~ Variable speed) engine applications include but are not limited to Construction, Agriculture, Material Handling, General Industry and Marine, while Electric Power (EP ~ Fixed speed) engines usually are being used in making Diesel / Gas Generators for Standby, Prime and baseload applications.

Customers can enjoy the benefit of using Perkins gas powered engines heat for heating and chilling their facilities. Perkins is a pioneer in meeting engine emission standards by continuously developing and improving on engine and exhaust technologies. All Perkins engines are Water-cooled.